[thelist] Re: site check/advice please?

Techwatcher techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Tue Jun 25 07:48:00 CDT 2002

Hi, Scott --

Thanks! That's very helpful. I'm going to change the CSS to padding-
left on body (and what about margin-right?). Could you let me know,
merely because I'm curious, whether IE 6. (Wws) also cut off the logo
on the right? Is its right edge even with the text, or does it extend
towards the edge of the screen? I'll adjust the margin-left and leave
the margin-right so you can let me know. If it doesn't, it might be
because in CSS2, some elements are not considered a child of body (img
might be one!); their root is html (in an HTML document, obviously). (-8

Btw, the br clear=both wouldn't work, because the problem is that the
H1 block is the first content on the page, as far as the CSS-aware
browsers render it. Both of the elements "above" it are floated, and
floated elements are not considered, in laying out non-floated elements.

Thanks again!
Carol Stein (techwatcher at accesswriters.com)

> > could you folks who can test in diverse browsers have
> > a look at
> > (for example) camilio.accesswriters.com -- just let me know
> > if anything
> > is really illegible/unhearable/whatever? I won't mind if a small
> > browser window puts the nav-text a bit on top of the logo, I just
> > to know if anything's illegible because of odd browser
> > (or "bugs").
> IE6 Windows doesn't like the negative margin on the nav. Everything
> the <body>'s margin-left is invisible! This is what I can see of your
>           ge
>           Information
>           on
> Try replacing it with padding-left: 120px. Either that or wrap
everything on
> the page, except the nav, in a <div> and give that div the margin-
> Also, you shouldn't need a margin-top on your <h1>. Instead, try
> both; That should drop the heading down below the logo and nav.

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