[thelist] Platform Detection and CSS

Blake Coglianese blake at focusednrg.com
Tue Jun 25 09:20:01 CDT 2002

Rudy, What do you mean by "safe" style sheet? Is there an article or
tutorial on evolt that describes this. I would much rather use 1 style sheet
but I am having a problem coming up with a good middle ground. I was using
px as a font size but that¹s too restrictive. I am thinking about using %
instead and sticking with one style sheet. Do you have any suggestions.

>if you can isolate all your "safe" style declarations into that sheet, then
> the variations due to platform and browser will be minimal, and you can
> actually achieve a better result than depending on javascript

I was trying something new and was starting with the basics to make sure
they were working, but as you can see I didn't get very far before I had

> But the question that comes to mind is: why are you serving different
> stylesheets to different browsers/platforms ... I'm not at all saying
> that's a bad thing, but if you could explain the trouble you
> experience when serving the same stylesheets to different browsers,
> someone may be able to suggest a solution that does not require
> JavaScript at all, or help you come up with some browser/capability
> testing that will best solve your problem.

Thanks again,

blake at focusednrg.com

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