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Scott Schrantz scotts at rci-nv.com
Tue Jun 25 10:34:01 CDT 2002

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> Hi, Scott --
> Thanks! That's very helpful. I'm going to change the CSS to padding-
> left on body (and what about margin-right?). Could you let me know,
> merely because I'm curious, whether IE 6. (Wws) also cut off the logo
> on the right? Is its right edge even with the text, or does it extend
> towards the edge of the screen?

The logo is cut off on the right edge. But, it's cut off rather nicely right
on one of the grid lines, so you don't even notice it. It does make it so
the Scott Kelly text isn't quite centered in the image, though.

> Btw, the br clear=both wouldn't work, because the problem is that the
> H1 block is the first content on the page, as far as the CSS-aware
> browsers render it. Both of the elements "above" it are floated, and
> floated elements are not considered, in laying out
> non-floated elements.

Well, clear: is a CSS style that is aware of floated elements. Using
clear:left or clear:right, or even clear:both is designed to drop the
element down below any floated elements that preceed it.

Now, position:absolute takes an element completely out of the page, and I
still haven't found a way to ensure that another element drops below one of
those. Maybe there isn't a way.

Scott Schrantz
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