[thelist] OT--ABS Computers?

Samir M. Nassar nassarsa at redconcepts.net
Tue Jun 25 10:51:01 CDT 2002


You can get perfectly awesome computers that'll last you a lifetime
without the brand name.

It also makes upgrading easier since some name-brand manufacturers
incorporate proprietary connectors an interfaces that make it harder to
interchange cards.

If you are happy with that then that is fine, otherwise I'd recommend
taking a hardware geek out to lunch and have him go shopping with you,
or compile a list of good hardware for you to build a box out of.

Many screw driver shops will build a PC for you out of specified
components. All in all, with decent components you don't _need_ the
brand name and the money goes to support a local company instead of some
faceless corporation.

None of our boxen here are name brand boxen and we are as happy as
clams. I think the only name brand equipment we intend to buy is a
decent UPS.

Samir M. Nassar
RedConcepts.NET - http://redconcepts.net

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