[thelist] Escape of the Commas!

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at cph.org
Tue Jun 25 14:55:06 CDT 2002

Sounds like a cheesy B-movie title, but it pertains to my question:

I've got multiple form elements (checkboxes, in this case) with the same
name. Sometimes, their values contain commas. I'd like to escape or replace
these commas somehow, but I can't find an equivalent. (double quotes are
", left angle brackets are <, etc, but what are commas? Is there
even a character entity for a comma?)

If I do request.form("myCheckbox"), I get back a comma-delineated list of
all the values (e.g. "value1, value2, value3"). I want to split this into an
array based on those commas, but if one of the values was "val,ue4", this
would wreck what I'm doing... see my problem?

Anyone know how to escape those pesky comma values?


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