[thelist] WEB APP EFFICIENCY: how to determine

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Jun 25 15:28:01 CDT 2002

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> From: Steve Lewis [mailto:slewis at macrovista.net]
> You don't mention what SQL server you are using so I cant point to a
> specific tool, but as a general rule it will be a better investment to
> fix the code (select only columns you need) before you attempt to
> cluster your web servers.  Until that time the benefits are hard to
> estimate.  Consider the costs of fixing the code vs other efficiency
> improvements and prioritize it based on the programmers' other
> development deadlines, estimated work involved, as well as the load on
> the server.

thanks for the very helpful information so far. i'm actually just using
lowly access. i am not having problems with any overloading or crashing
or anything like that. the traffic on the site is definitely manageable
by the server so far. i will however look into your suggestion for
pagefaults with Performance Monitor tool. that should be interesting.

i was asking more out of curiosity and because i'm probably a little bit
of an OCD kind of person.

i.e. i can't stand it when i see this...

if thisvariable >0 then
  do this 'here is a comment.
end if

i will change it to this...
If(thisVariable > 0) Then
'*** Here is a comment.
	do this
End If

i'm just cool like that i guess. ;)

again, thanks for the info.


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