[thelist] FLOWCHART(ing): any ideas on how i can map out functions in a web app.?

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Jun 25 18:50:01 CDT 2002


i just had a good idea today... although i'm pretty sure i lack the
skills necessary to do it at this time. and i'm also not sure how i can
do it.

what i would like is a web based "help" file if you will that would
allow me to search for functions based on their name and also based on
the included file name.

for example i could search for "genFunc.asp" and it would show me a list
of all the functions in that file. i could also search for
"getProductID" and it would show me which file that function was
contained in.

i would also like to be able to view a "detail" page on any specfic
function which would show the function definition. if there were any
other functions within that function it would be hyperlinked to it's
respective function "detail" page. and the same thing would happen on
this page. i.e. the function would be displayed and any functions
contained within that function would be clickable.

this is a really great idea IMHO.

any ideas on how i can write an app that can build help files such as
these instead of entering the functions one by one into a relational

i imagine i could use perl to build a list of hierarchical chart based
on one file using regular expressions. however i'm stuck at not knowing
how to use perl at all. i'm using win2k advanced server with
activestates active perl already installed, i've just never tried to use
it. if possible, could someone show me a quick and simple example of
accessing a file using perl on win2k?


p.s. is there anything out there that can already do this?

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