[thelist] Re: Hn tags

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Jun 25 21:55:01 CDT 2002

>  I still don't understand why so many others don't get it.

carol, my sense is that most of us here on thelist do get the point of
using Hn tags, it's just that we disagree on whether one is allowed to skip

like i said at the outset, it's a religious war -- right up there with mac
versus pc, editor versus handcoding, tastes great versus less filling...

let us agree to condemn soundly the rascal who spurns the use of Hn tags in
favour of P's with SPANs

but let us also agree that a page that passes strict validation at w3c
cannot be all that bad, skipped Hn numbers or no...


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