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<tip type="CMS workflow types">
Most workflows, particularly document-centric ones, are set up to be
state and entity based. What this means is that the workflow describes
each state that the document passes through in order to be completed.

So you might have a document which can have states
* Commissioned
* Submitted
* Tech edited
* Grammar edited
* Queued
* Live
* Expired
and the workflow will describe what needs to be done to that document
(eg "Grammar signoff" or "Launch date reached") for it to move on to the
next state.

However, you might also want a workflow which describes a process which
isn't document-centric, but is based on activities. Unsurprisingly, this
is an activity-based workflow. Activity-based workflows are commonly
used for request processing. So for example, you might have a workflow
for buying a new hard drive for your home computer (a subject dear to my
heart rn), and your workflow could look like:
* Discover that Photoshop scratch storage fills HDD
* Assess current and future storage need
* Assess current HDD capacity and likely life
* Define timescale for expanded capability
* Search for new HDDs which meet needs
* Submit costed proposal for new HDD to She Who Holds Budgets In Our
* SWHBIOH checks proposal against available funds and notifies whether
and when the HDD can be bought
* At agreed time, buy HDD
* Install & partition HDD
* Start running Photoshop with big files again
(yes this is *way* over-defined for the sake of example)

In activity-based workflows, the steps are based on what you *do* rather
than what the *result* is.

If you're defining or programming an activity-based workflow, your
central item is a process instance rather than a document, and you may
find UML techniques useful.
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