[thelist] not getting list emails?

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 26 05:07:01 CDT 2002


> From: PeterV
> I'm somehow not getting the list's emails. I need the
> list! Help! Reply to peter at poorbuthappy.com (since I
> can't see your replies). I checked the filters in Eudora
> - looking fine, no problems there...

your account was set to nomail.  i've gone ahead and changed that.  you
should be getting mail just fine now.

<tip type="JavaScript" author=".jeff">

if you're working with form fields that have numbers and they might be
decimals, you need to convert them to numbers so you can perform addition
and/or subtraction.  be careful of the parseInt() method as that will strip
the decimal portion of the value.  instead, simply multiple the value by 1
and the javascript engine will automatically try to convert the value to a
number to perform the operation.  since you're multiplying by 1, if it's a
numeric value, it won't change (only the datatype which is what you need it
to do).



jeff at members.evolt.org

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