[thelist] Scrolling, no layers

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Wed Jun 26 06:15:01 CDT 2002

> On the left side of the screen will be a list of text links, on the right
> side, there will be a picture of my face (or something).  When I click on
> link on the left, the face and links will slide over to the left, and the
> work I did for that client will slide over from the right.  The links will
> be at the left again.  Simple enough?


> But the problem is that I want the contents to be be centred on screen, so
> I'm pretty sure I can't use layers (I could be wrong) and I certainly
> want to use frames.

Can't use layers?  I don't know of any other solution aside from layers
(aside from Flash, which I don't know).

Don't WANT to use frames?  I don't know how you COULD accomplish this with
frames.  (Could be there is a way that I am not aware of--I am not an expert
on frames).

If you want an animated slide, you are talking about DHTML.  My advice is to
go straight to DynAPI 2 and take a look around.  The DynAPI has tools to do
precisely what you describe.  (Yes, I am a big fan of DynAPI and have
recommended it before on this list).


<tip type="DHTML" author="Hershel Robinson">
For a full-featured and robust programmers toolkit to easily create DHTML
without necessarily becoming a JavaScript expert, visit:

>From the home page there:
The DynAPI is a cross-browser javascript library used to create Dynamic HTML
components on a web page.

Best of luck,

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