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{ schaapy } list01 at theparagon.org
Wed Jun 26 07:37:01 CDT 2002


Yea - i'm not worried about that. Netscape 6.0 handle's that fine and only
Netscape 4.x will drop that a bit. Plus - if I did the above code - my pages
wouldn't validate.

I took 2 screenshots of the problem:
In Netscape 4.x - http://www.theparagon.org/has/stuff/problem01.jpg
In Netscape 6.0 - http://www.theparagon.org/has/stuff/problem02.jpg

The gray bars should only be 1px tall and the site content SHOULD but right
up to the masthead.

Any ideas why this is doing that?

>You've got it styled with padding in your css and I
> don't think old NN will recognize that and you will have to resort to
table cell
> padding IIRC if you want to support that old browser.

Yea - I should make do a cellpadding instead of padding the body content in
CSS. I knew that that CSS attribute didn't work in old NN but wasn't going
to worry about that. I guess I should just change that though.

Aaron Schaap

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