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Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Wed Jun 26 09:40:01 CDT 2002

Hi Chris - I downloaded the prog to have a look at whether I could help you
out and I found the following...

if you go to the menu Options->Configure Hot Keys then you get a list over
possible actions that can be prorgrammed to activate with a single key
press. In the list is something called Capture Extended Active Window, which
sounds like the function you want. However when I tried to set that to a key
the program complained that you must be using Windows XP. If (like me)
you're not, then it looks like this feature won't be useable :-(

Shame, but I hope that helps sort out the problem.

<mini rant>
Ermmm, for those who have posted less than helpful comments regarding this
question, sometimes it helps to go back and take a look at the thread you
are posting to rather than just diving in and offering opinions. If your
response to a question is to blink in astonishment, then it's worth taking a
few seconds to see whether there's an explanation of the question further
back in the thread that you might have missed.
</mini rant>

Just my 2 öre!


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> I grabbed the software, but exactly how does it capture the part of a
> webpage that is not shown on the screen? I can only get it to capture
> what is exactly shown on the screen and not what is hidden below where
> the browser ends.
> Madhu Menon wrote:
> > HyperSnap DX.
> >
> > Wonderful program.
> >
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