[thelist] Is http://here.localhost/ possible ?

Roger Ly rogerly at bareviking.com
Wed Jun 26 11:08:04 CDT 2002

> >I know it's a strange question but can I have http://here.localhost/ or
> >http://this.localhost/ ?
> Actually, I bet you can do it if you modify your hosts file.  Yeah, I just
> tried it locally (W2K Pro, IIS 5) and it seems to work fine.
> Modify this file:
> and add:
>      this.localhost
> (or some IP address, doesn't necessarily have to be, I guess).

On NT, its in c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc

If you are running IIS, and you have a Default Web Site set up on your server,
it should automatically map http://this.localhost to that server.  Otherwise,
you'll need to map http://this.localhost to the web site on your server:

1. Right-click on the web site you want to map this.localhost to in the IIS
Management Console.
2. Click the Advanced button in the Web Site tab.
3. In the "Multiple identities for this Web Site" section, click the "Add..."
4. Set the IP Address (you may be able to use the default), TCP Port, and in the
Host Header Name field, add "this.localhost" (no http://)

http://this.localhost should map to that web site now.  If you want to access
http://this.localhost from other machines, you'll need to modify the hosts file
on those machines to map this.localhost to the IP address of the machine with
the web site.


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