[thelist] Hn tags

GregHolmes at aol.com GregHolmes at aol.com
Wed Jun 26 11:15:01 CDT 2002

Joel Canfield wrote;

>> >We sometimes have to use an <h3> after an <h1> without an
>> intervening
>> ><h2> because that's what the task at hand calls for.
>> When does the task at hand call for that?  I can't think of
>> any examples.
>rudy's example, early in this thread:

I guess I should have been more explicit - I remember this example
but don't agree that it is a case requiring out-of-order headings.

Probably just my shot in the religious war, but why not (fake tags
for brain-dead mail clients, like mine):

H1: The Three Stooges

  H2: The Greatest Comedians in History!
  blah, yadda ...

  H2: Meet the Stooges
      H3: Larry
      blah, yadda ...

      H3: Curly
      blah, yadda ...

      H3: Moe
      blah, yadda ...

If desired, the "Meet the Stooges" heading could always be
display: none, made to look like a marginal label, or
given some other "un-heading-like" style.  Why bother with
using a heading, only to make it look "un-heading-like"?
Because if the document is rendered by a client that doesn't
provide the visual clues, but instead uses default rendering
of headings, it still makes sense.  I don't see why this case
requires, or even naturally leads to, mis-ordered headings.

Sure, not a big deal, but I've just never encountered
documents where the headings can't order "properly". Anyhow,
just one of those little things I find fascinating (I must
be demented).



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