[thelist] Hn tags

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jun 26 17:35:01 CDT 2002

>... rudy's *flawed* larry/curly/moe structure...
> (let's see how long he'll let 'flawed' sit out there)

martin, where's this on your troll-o-meter, a 9?

thanks to adrian, i need to beat this dead horse just a wee bit more

aardvark, i plead for your indulgence to do me the courtesy of henceforth
linking only to this note which contains my revised structure:

  <h1>the three stooges</h1>
  <h3>actually there were six stooges</h3>
  <p>curly, larry, moe, shemp, joe, and curly joe
  all made films, but shemp was with ted healey
  at the beginning, so if you count him twice,
  there were seven</p>
  <p>born jerome k howard... </p>
  <p>larry fine was the main slappee...</p>
  <p>moe was the leader and...</p>

main point:  the h3 is not as important as the h2's

oh, and it validates strict -- you hear me?  STRICT!!

if'n you invoke the w3c's don't-skip-a-number-or-the-sky-will-fall
guideline, then i will invoke their validator

all the alleged improvements on the above structure that have been paraded
forth here in the last couple of days are hacks, and what's worse, they're
all more complicated than a simple h3

you can suggest that i make the h3 into an h2 and then apply a special
style to give me the same result, but my point is that you could style the
SHIT out of an h2, it will always carry the same level of importance as the
other h2's, and in my example, that just doesn't work, because i don't want
it to have the same level of importance

importance relates to semantic content, while style is presentation

i'm sorry, i'm not going to listen to any more suggestions

or trolls


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