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Read this article:

Towards the end, there is a section entitled "Splitting the Difference" that
describes how to do exactly what you are trying to do. (If you have time,
the entire article is an excellent primer on using CSS to do stuff you'd
ordinarily want a table to do.)


PS. Like the gospel presentation on your blog. (-:

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As we've seen on some recent emails, text-align works well for
aligning text in block level elements. My problem is this: I have
this type of thing happening --

..wrapper tables and stuff

<span>A Title Word</span> <span>Links</span>


I need to get my Title word aligned LEFT, and my Links aligned RIGHT.
I cannot use another TD cell to do this, because the way the tables
around it are layed out, you get a 'border' showing for the
cellspacing which I cannot have (its a nested table with a grey
background essentially).

Ideas on how to do this?

I'd rather not put yet another table inside that cell merely to
accomplish this, but I will if I have to.

(FYI, Full blown CSS isn't remotely an option here, this is a hugely
frames and table heavy application...ugh.)


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