[thelist] Netscape doesn't load this page

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Jun 26 18:43:00 CDT 2002

{ schaapy } wrote:
> > Above and beyond what others have suggested--which is carefully check the
> > tag nesting--you might want to know that you are close, if not over, the 4
> > table limit of Netscape.  While perhaps not documented officially, its
> > commonly known that NN 4.x chokes when you embed tables more than 4 deep.
> Sweet Joshua -
> I was just thinking that but wasn't sure if it was a myth or factual. It
> would however explain alot though if true :-)

It's not true -- I've seen lots of (badly designed) pages with five
and six levels of nested tables work on Netscape 4. They render very
very very slowly -- but they do eventually render  :-)

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