[thelist] Single- or multiple-page articles?

Andrew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Thu Jun 27 08:49:00 CDT 2002

At 21:05 26/06/2002 -0500, Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:

>I'm interested in your thoughts on whether online articles (reviews,
>etc) are better represented as one long page, or as multiple shorter
>pages. Any thoughts? Both from the perspective of the reader, and
>that of the webmaster.

   As a reader, I prefer a single page. This may be because coming from a
unix background, I have an aversion to the mouse, and don't like to click
much while using the web. There's also that annoying delay as the next page
loads, and if the connection is slow, I can often completely lose the
thread of the article.

   As a webmaster, I also prefer the single page - it's simpler to code,
easier to link to, and I think it makes customers happier.

   I suspect that the only real reason to use multiple pages is to get more
advertising spaces.


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