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> This weekend, I'm going to be starting in to building a web site for
> my wife's new business, selling gaming books online. While I've been
> developing stuff for the web for five years now, I've never designed
> a shop site from scratch, so a few questions. I'll be most likely
> using PHP and a MySQL database, and divorcing it from the content as
> much as possible so as to reuse and sell the code again.
> The main question is: how do online shops handle credit card numbers?

I implemented a basic store for my work a few months ago - perl+mySQL - and
we don't store any credit card numbers at all.  We pass the final payment
total to our cc processor (worldpay fwiw), and they deal with the credit
cards.  We get notification back that the payment has been processed, and
seal the deal.  Takes the hassle out of having to potentially keep credit
card details somewhere.  All we store is the invoice and delivery details,
along with what the customer has purchased (so we can actually send them

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