[thelist] Enterprise Manager & SQL 2000

Tom McMillen tgmcmillen at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 27 09:31:06 CDT 2002

> Does anyone know a way to get the old SQL Enterprise
> Manager layout back?
> I hate having to type out a field, and then have to
> mouse down to the
> "Columns" area to set specific preferences.  All of
> these fields used to be
> available in full spreadsheet style layout of the
> older version.  In my
> opinion this was definitely easier.

Agreed I hate the extra work it makes you do, it used
to be so simple.....

To get around this...

Create a diagram, when you add a new table you have
access to Column Name, DataType, Length, Nulls;
you can also set the view to custom and add in all the
identity fields (and some others) too.

When you're creating multiple tables you can also
easily add your referential integrity.

Also don't forget to save this as a sql script if you
want to apply the same set up to different sql
servers, then you can easily run the generated script
on your next server.

Alternatively use T-SQL, as long as your defining your
table and not altering it, it's pretty simple.


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