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Andrew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Thu Jun 27 10:38:01 CDT 2002

At 10:14 27/06/2002 -0400, aardvark wrote:
>the fact that you are asking how to handle cc numbers, and please
>*don't* take this the wrong way, leads me to believe that you
>*shouldn't* handle cc numbers...

   *grin* Perfectly fair point. Nevertheless, I gotta start someplace.

>for instance, do you know about not hitting the card for the funds
>until the item ships (although you can reserve the amount for a few
>days)?  also, both ways you suggest actually happen, depending
>on the site, the client, and the needs... you need to state your
>needs first, and then find a model that fits...

   Yes, I know the bit about not hitting before shipping - I think it may
in fact be illegal here to do otherwise. I've dealt with credit card
transactions before, but it was some years ago and I wasn't in charge of
the effort. I'm looking very carefully at this, and I'm prepared to
outsource it some way, if need be. We're still waiting to hear what the
bank's requirements are.

>you said gaming books... i'd say if it's d20 stuff, or even stuff geeks
>go for, consider using the site only as a marketing tool, and
>pushing people to an outsourced shopping cart vendor or one of the
>gaming-oriented sites (hell, try to convince thinkgeek to carry it)...

   That may be the best way - I want to see what's out there first, though.
If I can do it in a manner I could sell to other clients, that'd be a good
thing to have.

>i'm *way* oversimplifying this, but if you're new to e-comm, it can
>be a painful experience to have all alone...

   But I ain't alone, I've got you guys! Right? .... guys?


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