[thelist] Shopping Sites, Credit Cards

Andrew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Thu Jun 27 10:43:06 CDT 2002

At 15:07 27/06/2002 +0100, William Anderson wrote:

>I implemented a basic store for my work a few months ago - perl+mySQL - and
>we don't store any credit card numbers at all.  We pass the final payment
>total to our cc processor (worldpay fwiw), and they deal with the credit
>cards.  We get notification back that the payment has been processed, and
>seal the deal.  Takes the hassle out of having to potentially keep credit
>card details somewhere.  All we store is the invoice and delivery details,
>along with what the customer has purchased (so we can actually send them

   That sounds perfect. How have you found Worldpay as a processor?


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