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Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov
Thu Jun 27 11:28:01 CDT 2002

"Real" web browsers cost hundreds of thousands and take years to develop.
The most recently released browser I know of (Mozilla) took over four years
for a development team to create. IE has cost Microsoft millions. They can
afford it. You probably can't.

I'm curious as to why you want to develop your own. What do you need that no
other web browser gives you?

If you're looking to "stamp" a browser with your corporation's look, a
Mozilla skin would be a pretty cheap (and effective) way to do that.

Jonathan McPherson, LMIT/SD&I
Software Engineer & Web Systems Analyst
email / jonathan_a_mcpherson at rl dot gov

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     I am trying to find out how much it costs to make my own web browswer
(like Internet Explorer) and who can make one for me. If you can help me
please email me back at: dylanwynn17 at hotmail.com

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