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Indeed, it does depend on your point of view.

I've run a few different Linux distributions, and I must say that I've
become convinced that the "we're doing this because we believe in it"
distros (Debian, Gentoo) are going to be increasingly different from the
"we're trying to turn a profit" distros (Red Hat, UL, etc).

UnitedLinux could be a good thing for the Web development community,
especially on the server end. I've not had a lot of Linux web server
experience, but I suspect that it would be easier to build a marketable
skillset on a standard distribution.

Unfortunately, UL faces an age-old software catch-22: it's not going to
become a standard until a lot of people start using it, and people aren't
going to start using it until it becomes a standard.

<prediction type="wild" takewith="grain of salt">

UL will succeed modestly, but will have difficulty competing with Red Hat as
the "standard" Linux distribution. It will not fully capture the market as
its authors intended, and will wind up with an appreciable but small market
share that silently mocks its presumptuous name.


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> This must be a good thing, eh?
> http://www.unitedlinux.com

Depends on your point of view.



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