[thelist] making a web browser

Nicole P nparrot at pair.com
Thu Jun 27 11:40:05 CDT 2002

It would take loads of money and time to get a browser from scratch, but IE
does provide a pretty complete API that allows you to insert its core code
into whatever program you'd want to create.

I haven't played with it for a few years now, but managed to write a little
"browser" with this method a while back...


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From: <Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov>

> "Real" web browsers cost hundreds of thousands and take years to develop.
> The most recently released browser I know of (Mozilla) took over four
> for a development team to create. IE has cost Microsoft millions. They can
> afford it. You probably can't.
> From: Dylan Wynn [mailto:dylanwynn17 at hotmail.com]
>      I am trying to find out how much it costs to make my own web browswer
> (like Internet Explorer) and who can make one for me. If you can help me
> please email me back at: dylanwynn17 at hotmail.com

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