[thelist] Table-less CSS Design and XHTML

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Jun 27 11:40:14 CDT 2002

I am finally taking the plunge into the world of pure CSS-styled
(table-free) web pages.  I have been convinced both by what I have read
online AND by evolters.  (Thanks.)   I am also (secondarily) beginning the
plunge into XHTML and XML. (again, thanks.)

I am working presently as a technical manager/consultant of sorts on a
fairly large web site, which is hoped to be released in a few months.  The
site manager is NOT a techie and does not know HTML nor obviously XHTML,
CSS, XML etc.  He expertise is as an editor of the content of the site.  The
CMS is being built by a third party (who is giving him a deal) and basing
his code on another successful site of the same size and structure.

I would now like to approach the site manager with the idea of table-less
CSS design *now* while the site is still being developed.  What I need are
articles (a few perhaps) which are understandable to a semi-layman but which
would convince him of the benefits of table-less CSS design and maybe even
convince him of the benefits of XML and XHTML.  (Interestingly, the site on
which the new CMS is based (www.aish.com) includes a link on every article
page for 'handheld devices.'  I imagine that this is one issue that they
then feel is already accounted for, i.e. Internet devices which are not

I myself am BRAND NEW to both CSS design and XHTML and am in the process of
learning both.  Any pointers are appreciated.

Thank you,
Hershel Robinson

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