[thelist] limit of large query result sets

Michael Mell mike at nthwave.net
Thu Jun 27 12:33:10 CDT 2002

Using PHP/MySQL, should I limit my select results to some small number
and process the data in batches?
Is the number of rows as important as the size of the data?

I have a MySQL query which results in about 60,000 rows.
Each row contains 5 columns with a total of about 64 characters.
My calculations show this to be about 3.6 megs of data
(64 X 60,000 / 1024 /1024)
on a machine with at least 500 megs of RAM and little else to do at the
time of processing.

Obviously there seems little danger of overload. I'm just wondering
about the limits of the system.

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