[thelist] Content Management System on IIS 5

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Thu Jun 27 14:16:02 CDT 2002

Michael J. D'Amico wrote:
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> Hi everyone-
> Up until now, I have been running my organization's intranet manually,
> without the help of a content management system. We have grown to become a
> very large site, and it gets more and more difficult to keep up with the
> workload. I think that we are finally prepared to at least start
> investigating the different Content Management Systems. I have read good
> things about Movable Type. It seems that a lot of the different web industry
> sites that i refer to use Movable Type. The web server I am on is running
> win2k and IIS 5. I believe Movable Type is only available on servers running
> Perl and custom CGI scripts, so I'm not sure that Movable Type would be
> possible with my server. Which CMS does evolt use? Does anyone have any
> answers? What other Content Management Systems is everyone else using? Any
> information, no matter how basic, would help.

Since aardvark has already plugged his CMS, I'll go ahead and do the
same with the one my company makes.

You can check it out at http://www.macrovista.net/

Our system combines both content management and site building/design so
it may or may not be what you are looking for.  There aren't too many
CMS's I've seen in the space between the very low end
build-your-static-site and the very high end (Vignette, Broadvision,
Interwoven, etc) other than blog builders like Movable Type.  It seems
like in order to be affordable you have to make it too simplistic to be
useful.  As you make it more powerful and customizable, then you start
having to devote alot of resources to implementation and the overall
cost jumps way up.  I think that folks like aardvark and myself are
trying to hit that middle area, but its certainly an undefined, immature

Good luck


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