[thelist] Accessing table cell properties with CSS?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 27 17:27:01 CDT 2002

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> > Believe it or not, NONE of those suggestions worked! I think what
> > happens is the second TD has so little in it, it just shrinks up.
> I'm
> > either going to have to write the whole row and re-think this
> whole
> > thing.
> did you try making the first cell it's respective width (268?) and
> the
> other cell 100%? if that doesn't work it is most likely being
> screwed up
> because of another cell somewhere.

Now that pushes the left cell smaller than 298. I would have thought
that would have worked too (I thought in fact it was already set to
that and it wasn't).

For your perusal - the full code for the whole row. Bear in mind I
didn't write this, so please don't comment on the awful style. This
row is not a nested table, its the second of two rows and thats all
the table is.


<TR CLASS='tdDark'>
      <TD WIDTH="298" HEIGHT=0 VALIGN="middle" align="center"
CLASS='tdDark' id="collapseCell">
      <a href="javascript: collapseViewers();"
style="text-decoration: none;" onMouseDown="status='Toggle Virtual
Tree and Viewer.'; return true;" onMouseOver="status='Toggle Virtual
Tree and Viewer.'; return true;"><span id="arrows"><SPAN
ID='collapse1'>&#51;&#51;</SPAN><SPAN CLASS='lightColor'
ID='collapse2'>&#51;&#51;</SPAN><SPAN CLASS='mediumColor'

	<td height="0" valign="middle" class="tdDark">
	<div class="row"><span class="header" id="VAContextLinks">
	<%-- links are rewritten based on selected va function using
innerHTML --%>

		<span class="left">&nbsp;Item Specs List</span><span
class="right"><a href="javascript:openVa()" onMouseOver="status='Show
Virtual Areas';return true;" onMouseDown="status='Show Virtual
Areas';return true;" onMouseOut="status='';return true;"
style="color: #FFFFFF;">Show Virtual Areas</a>

	    <span class="toolbar" style="text-decoration:
		<a href="javascript:openReports()" onMouseOver="status='Item Cost
Report';return true;" onMouseDown="status='Item Cost Report';return
true;" onMouseOut="status='';return true;" style="color:

		<span class="toolbar" style="text-decoration:
		<a href="javascript:openCust()"
onMouseover="window.status='Customize Columns'; return true;"
onMouseout="window.status=''; return true;" style="color:

		<span class="toolbar" style="text-decoration:
		<a href="javascript:editFilter()" onMouseOver="status='Edit
Filter';return true;" onMouseDown="status='Edit Filter';return true;"
onMouseOut="status='';return true;" style="color: #FFFFFF;">Edit

	    <span class="toolbar" style="text-decoration:
		<a href="javascript:clearFl()" style="color: #FFFFFF;"
onMouseOver="status='Clear Filter';return true;"
onMouseDown="status='Clear Filter';return true;"
onMouseOut="status='';return true;">Clear Filter</a>&nbsp;</span>



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