[thelist] dev server/live server file sync

Michael Mell mike at nthwave.net
Thu Jun 27 17:45:01 CDT 2002

Argh! I seem to be too absent minded to be able to copy over all
approved changes from my dev server to the live server. I get most of
the files, but apparently, have been missing one or two here and there
when a single task requires changing many dispersed files.

Can anyone suggest a reliable system for tracking which files have
changed on a development server and ensuring the new versions get moved
to the live server on approval? I do check the dates of files in
pertinent folders, but what if I forget to check a folder?

Is there a WebDav tool or something similar to do this?

If I were to create a tool to do this, what would you want in it? How
would it work?


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