[thelist] Re: css bug, IE6?

Nathan Wright ominous at rmh-d.com
Thu Jun 27 19:07:01 CDT 2002

<Jonathon Jongsma wrote:

It displays fine in Mozilla, but in IE6, the first h1 on the page doesn't show up for me when it loads or refreshes. it just
shows an empty space where the header should be. if I try to highlight the area with the mouse, then the text shows
up, or if I scroll down and then scroll back up to the top, the text shows up. but when it first loads, it acts like the
text is invisible.>

I couldn't get IE6 to replicate your problem, but I had a similar one happening on my test site the other day. After
much cursing I discovered that the a:hover state was to blame. Turned out that if a:hover had a property that
affected the box of a link AT ALL (background color, underline for hover but not for any of the other link states, etc.)
my div would simply disappear entirely ... no text, no box, just squat.

Get rid of the hover state ... maybe it'll help.


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