[thelist] referrer blocked by AdSubtract?

Steve Lewis slewis at macrovista.net
Thu Jun 27 21:45:01 CDT 2002

Pat Meeks wrote:
> Does anyone know what this is?

Presumably this is a client-side proxy program intended to help protect
the browser's privacy.  There are hundreds of these out there, some
better than others.  Yet another reason to not use the referer as a
security mechanism....


A quick check on download.com yields these:


AdSubtract SE 1.68
 From the developer: "AdSubtract SE (Standard Edition) blocks web ads
and cookies selectively. You control what you want to see on the web. SE
blocks ad banners so you can surf the web faster with less clutter. It
blocks cookies to enhance your online privacy, helping you stop detailed
online profiles from being created about you. One feature is the option
to enable sounds, to "hear" how many ads and cookies are blocked. It
also displays statistics of how many ads and cookies were blocked per site.



AdSubtract Pro 2.50
Protect your online privacy and block unwanted advertisements, pop-up
windows, and more. AdSubtract Pro blocks allows you to block unwanted
cookies, and enables you to manage the many cookies already present on
your computer. It can also block "referrers" that tell each Web server
how you came to their site.

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