[thelist] Content Management System on IIS 5

Samir M. Nassar nassarsa at redconcepts.net
Thu Jun 27 23:46:01 CDT 2002

> Strictly speaking, it wasn't UCE.  It was solicited in that the first
> post asked for recommendations about specific CMS's that work with Win2K
> and IIS 5.  Of course, I recommended the one I develop, so you may take
> my response with a grain of salt.  I didn't go into as much detail as
> Chris, but that may be because our marketing spiel is on a website and
> his system isn't released yet.

I don't see how shilling a commercial product can be in good taste. It
is one thing for a non-affiliated person to do so, it is another when a
company representative does so. That is, in my most humble of opinions.

I can agree though that strictly speaking it was not spam or UCE.
Apologies. ;)

Samir M. Nassar
RedConcepts.NET - http://redconcepts.net

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