[thelist] revisited: css positioning

ted serbinski tss24 at cornell.edu
Fri Jun 28 00:55:01 CDT 2002

Yea target for this file was IE only... since internally that is all they
are using and this is really an internal file only.

Is it possible to use fully compliant code that works on all 3 equally well?
Or we still haven't really reached that point is what I thought... thus, I
did all my code to work pretty much in IE.



1. Is absolutely unrecognizable on Netscape (tried with 4.78 and with

2. On Opera (6.01), there does not seem to be any benefit over tables
because the CSS boxes dont rescale into one column etc (as they do in IE).
Some content is incorrect -- its overlaps.

I presume your target audience is IE-only?

I am on a Windows 2K Pro box with IE 6.

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