[thelist] Content Management System on IIS 5

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Jun 28 04:38:00 CDT 2002

On Friday, June 28, 2002, at 07:19  am, Madhu Menon wrote:

> At 12:44 AM 6/28/2002, Judah McAuley wrote:
>> I think that folks like aardvark and myself are
>> trying to hit that middle area, but its certainly an undefined,
>> immature
>> market.
> I think what's really needed is something that costs between US$500 and
> $1000. I chatted with Martin offlist and he told me that an
> installation of
> the "cheaper" packages like Divine and MS CMServer could cost about
> $200000.

1) you have a complex system and need all the bits and bobs
2) you need to integrate with back-office stuff
3) aren't an existing customer
then the typical license cost for all the stuff you need is about $200k

I'm sure some customers pay a whole lot less - IIRC, a single CPU
production install of MSCMS is about $75k

Also, when I mentioned divine and MSCMS, it was in the context of
"cheaper than Vignette"

Plus since MS entered the market, prices are drifting downwards... but I
think if you're in a situation where you're paying vendors, to expect
anything worthwhile at < $1000 is unrealistic. The vendor would have to
ship *vast* amounts to make the investment of developing a worthwhile
system from scratch viable.

At that price point, you're looking at something built on top of a
system which provides all the low-level content asset, authentication &
workflow stuff.

> When you've got a 100-200 pages on your site, packages like Dreamweaver
> don't cut it, and anything bigger is unaffordable. It's a good market
> to be in.
> <rant>
> Bloody Vignette doesn't even do anything out of the box. (Or have they
> changed that, Martin?)
> </rant>

Vignette is a toolkit, not a vertical, plug and play application. The
more customisation you want to be able to do, the less you'll get out of
the box, generally.

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