[thelist] Re: Hn tags

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Fri Jun 28 06:30:01 CDT 2002

Joel Canfield said:
> But when the *standards* don't address a real life situation, which do
> you do - ignore the real life situation, or ignore the standard? Now,
> when they come up with a perfect standard *and* outlaw future growth,
> this situation will never occur. Until then, we'll *always* have
> situations that don't fit the standards. Not many, not often; but we'll
> have 'em. So, in *those* cases, you do what makes *sense*, whether or
> not it's what the rules say.

Ahh, but if the standards don't meet your needs now, you're perfectly
capable of extending them (as long as you're using XHTML). Article about
this with using container Hn tags forthcoming.

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