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> Hershel Robinson wrote:
>  >
>  > I would now like to approach the site manager with the idea of
>  > CSS design *now* while the site is still being developed.
>  >
>  > I myself am BRAND NEW to both CSS design and XHTML and am in the
> process of
>  > learning both.  Any pointers are appreciated.
>  >
>  > Thank you,
>  > Hershel Robinson
>  >
> A little advice, *Do Not* attempt a table-less design for the first time
> on a large project. Since it is going to be your first try, you will be
> asking the project manager to increase development time by at least 50%.
> You can do all the reading you want about table-less design. It will
> help,  but only marginally. Nothing will prepare you for the large
> amount of experimentation you will have to do. Even if you were to
> eliminate NN4 you would still have to deal with IE5-6 on Windows and Mac
> both require workarounds and IE5 windows requires hacks. The easiest
> browsers to deal with are Mozilla 1.0 Netscape 6+ and Opera 6. All of
> them still have bugs that you will have to deal with.
> Before going to your project manager, try a little experiment of your
> own. Grab one of the more complicated web pages from the project that is
> designed with tables. Then try to make it table-less, still keeping the
> layout of the table design. If you can do this without a large time
> investment and make it work cross-browser and cross-platform, then you
> may be ready to ask the project manager for a change to table-less design.
> Gary
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