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try this

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afternoon all....

i'm trying to get a popup window to refresh the parent window on
closing.  it works in mozilla, but not ie6!  anyone know why??

i'm using the following js function to open the window:

   var openWin;

   function winOpen(href, target, width, height) {
      if (openWin && !openWin.closed) {
      openWin = window.open(href, target, 'width=' + width + ',height=' +

called from a link like:

   <a href="popup.aspx" target="detail" onclick="winOpen(this.href,
this.target, 650, 300); return false;">detail</a>

then in popup.aspx i have a function that's called after everything's

   function cancelPay() {

in ie i get an 'opener.location is null or not an object' type error.

anyone any ideas??



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