[thelist] Re: Shopping Sites, Credit Cards

Kathy Long kathy at site-etc.com
Sat Jun 29 13:32:01 CDT 2002

Am I missing something or do you all handle online payment processing
differently than we do? With our system, if our vendors use online cc
processing like Verisign, the credit card numbers get sent to the processor
and are not stored on site where anyone can see them - just as it is done at


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>> In fact, this kind of internal "employee" theft accounts for more
> than half
>> of all credit card theft, offline and online. This kind of theft is
>> epidemic in mail/order-telephone/order businesses and becoming more
>> widespread on websales.
> You are absolutely correct; I know because my father worked about 35
> years for IBM, and was one of their representatives to an international
> standards committee working to make CC usage safer. Insider theft is
> indeed the largest risk, by a very large majority.
>> When paying with PayPal
>> the "merchant site" NEVER gets to see the buyer's credit card info.

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