[thelist] Javascript pop ups

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jun 29 17:00:03 CDT 2002

>> http://www.ratking.co.uk/islamwedding.htm
> If I can hover over the link without the popup getting in the way,
> it works fine [Win2K/IE6]. I suspect there's a 'onmouseover' event
> happening in the popup itself.

no, what happens is that when the popup opens and any part of it obscures
the link, the cursor will then be positioned over the popup, thus no longer
over the link, thus firing the onmouseout, which closes the popup...

... but then the cursor is back over the link, firing the onmouseover...

... and you get an infinite loop, opening the closing the popup

kevin, maybe you should make it an onclick instead

and don't forget to change the link, as per jeff's article


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