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Max Wyss max at prodok.com
Mon Jul 1 02:19:00 CDT 2002


As a reference and general overview over JavaScript, "JavaScript, the
definitive guide" by David Flanagan, published by O'Reilly, is
certainly the first choice. It does help if you have some background
in programming, to fully understand and appreciate the book. This is
also kind of the only book I know of which does a distinct separation
between the Core and the extension, which makes it extremely useful
for any JavaScript implementation (such as Acrobat JavaScript).

As an alternative, Danny Goodman's JavaScript Bible has been
mentioned. According to the sample pages shown on Amazon.com, the
newest issue does indeed also cover JavaScript 1.5, but my very first
impression is that there might be weaknesses, when it comes to
properly separate JavaScript from web programming.

When it comes to bring things together, you might have a look at
"JavaScript + CSS + DOM Magic" by Makiko Itoh, published by New
Riders. This book is pretty good at explaining the concepts, and
helps you understand them. Its companion website
(http://www.createwebmagic.com) has an overview.

Hope, this can help.

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>Does anyone have any practical Javascript book recommendations? I've
>used javascript some before, but in a cut-and-paste fashion, so I
>don't really have a good grasp on what I'm actually doing. I also
>have an interest in ECMAscript and DOM, but again don't know anything
>about them, save what they are, so it'd be great if they were also
>discussed. Any ideas?

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