[thelist] Book recommendations?

Bruce Lawson brucel at glasshaus.com
Mon Jul 1 11:00:01 CDT 2002

I'd recommend "Practical javascript for the usable web" by Paul wilton et
al, glasshaus, march 02,  isbn 1904151051.

It'as 400 pages and "When you have finished working with this book, you'll
have a thorough grounding in Client-side JavaScript, and be able to
construct your own client-side functionality quickly, easily, and without
falling into any of the usability traps that this technology leaves wide
open. This book covers: DHTML for IE4 and NN4 browsers, and the DOM for the
latest browsers; Usability techniques; Working scripts that can be
incorporated into your web applications immediately; Step-by-step breakdown
of JavaScript shopping cart functionality; Advanced Data Validation

disclaimer: i'm the brand manager of glasshaus, so could be conceivably be
accused of lacking objectivity.

Bruce Lawson
brand manager

Joeljkp wrote:

Does anyone have any practical Javascript book recommendations? I've
used javascript some before, but in a cut-and-paste fashion, so I
don't really have a good grasp on what I'm actually doing. I also
have an interest in ECMAscript and DOM, but again don't know anything
about them, save what they are, so it'd be great if they were also
discussed. Any ideas?

- -joeljkp

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