[thelist] Child windows from invalid JS / browser errs sought

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Jul 1 12:05:00 CDT 2002

you are both right, but you are righter on some aspects, while he is
righter on others

when they work, both the javascript popup and target= methods succeed in
opening a second window

the only difference is, with a javascript popup window you can control
position and size (although maximizing it is tricky), whereas a target=
window cannot be placed or sized (nor can you even tell whether it is
maximized or not)

he might be implying that all visitors need a second window -- your way,
anybody without javascript does not get a second window

personally i think a second window is a poor design strategy, so to me,
you're both wrong -- but i will agree that it depends on what you have in
that second window, because there are situations (e.g. a floating menu, a
dictionary lookup, an image... ) where a popup is acceptable


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