[thelist] Microsoft tunes in low-cost Net TV

Ray Hill rhill at informative.com
Mon Jul 1 20:13:10 CDT 2002

> That's good, because I cant imagine any other use for
> the $9.95 plan.  Are there actually users out there
> who would pay that much for only 5 hours?

There are quite a few WebTV users who only get online once or twice a week
to check their email.  For them it would be better than the $22 they would
otherwise have to pay.

It's also useful for people who have a DishPlayer or UltimateTV, and only
want to use the internet connection once in a while from the TV, and
otherwise use a computer to get online.  Checking scores or cross-linked
sites isn't really worth $22, but more people might be willing to pay the
$10 for it.


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