[thelist] formatting for display only

Rob Smith rob.smith at thermon.com
Tue Jul 2 10:11:02 CDT 2002

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Hi guys and galls,

I have users entering text into a <textarea value="" cols="50" rows="20"
wrap="VIRTUAL"></textarea>. Their text can contain multiple soft and hard
carriage returns. This information is stored into a database cell.

When I go back to view this information using <pre></pre> tags I get:

     this is one long line of text. this is one long line of text. (keeps
going -->)

     this is another long line of text. this is another long line  (keeps
going -->)

I want it to look like actual paragraphs viewed at least at 800 pixels wide,
not 15 monitor lengths wide. Is there anything I can do differently, perhaps
in the <textarea/> tags, or methods of display (HTML).

I've tried these:
*Span tags
*Div tags

Maybe I'm just not using the right specifications in the div tags...


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