[thelist] Looking for a PHP/MySQL CMS to localize

McCoy, Alan amccoy at goodmanct.com
Tue Jul 2 10:16:00 CDT 2002

You might want to take a look at Typo3 <http://www.typo3.com>. It's
REALLY extensive and has a bit of a steep learning curve (at least for
programmers and site admins), but the tools for content editors seem
pretty nice. Plus it's free and open-source. :-)


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:: Subject: [thelist] Looking for a PHP/MySQL CMS to localize
:: I am looking for a PHP/MySQL based CMS system to localize
:: (the final ui,
:: not the admin) to Hebrew and then use at my personal site.
:: What I need is something:
:: * Free or open source
:: * Generates valid HTML (PhpWebSite claims it does, but it
:: uses a ton for
:: <font> tags which make it pretty difficult to localize)
:: * Nice separation in the code between the html part and the php part
:: * Nice separation of the text strings from the rest of the code
:: Does such a system exist? my PHP skills are not that great,
:: so I am not
:: sure about writing something from scratch.
:: On the other hand, I still have lots of work localizing,
:: since Hebrew is
:: RTL language, so I need to go and make sure all th html has
:: the proper
:: rtl/ltr attributes.
:: Thanks
:: (Shoshannah, who is always frustrated bout software, web or
:: otherwise,
:: which was written with only roman and cjk languages in mind,
:: making it
:: hard to get anything to work properly with Hebrew...)
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