[thelist] digital asset management

Andrew Embler (ML) lists at electricstate.com
Tue Jul 2 13:03:01 CDT 2002

Hey all,

I recently posted this request to another mailing list, but I thought I'd
try it here as well. I'm attempting to research what seems to be a
recurring client need: digital asset management. (ie: a web-based
application for storing files of all kinds, and manipulating them,
restricting access on them, etc...)

In my research I've found a couple of people who've liked ContentCube.
While I can understand the interest of having a separate, preconfigured,
prebuilt server, my client isn't terribly interested. I've been very
intrigued with and interested in the application described at
http://www.findyourfiles.com. A lot of its capabilities (asset versioning,
strict users/groups, some neat funky modules and project management) are
exactly what my client needs.

However, before I make a decision, I was wondering if anyone else had any
experiences w/online digital asset management, be they good or ill, and if
they knew of any that could handle the following tasks (and them some):

1. Asset versioning system
2. Online asset processing (converting image formats, etc...)
3. Some room for project management features (I think these at
findyourfiles.com sound pretty sweet)
4. multiple interfaces (my client wants to be able to use this system in
different sites, or in different sections of the same site, tailored toward
different users)

Any thoughts?


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