[thelist] OT - Digital Camera

Laurel Nevans laureln at qwestinternet.net
Tue Jul 2 14:13:02 CDT 2002

While I LOVED my Canon Digital Elph (S110) camera for the 1st 6
months I had it, I would recommend avoiding a Canon digital
camera.  I had a camera error which required sending the camera
back to Canon.  Their tech support said the error code indicated
a shutter jam, and if recharging/replacing the battery did not
clear the camera, I'd have to send it back to Canon for service.

DESPITE the fact the camera was still under warrenty, Canon
charged me $150.00 to repair it.  (The S110 replaced the S100 in
late July last year, so the model itself was not even a year
old).  AND they kept the camera for over 3 months.  By the time
they sent it back, similar models were selling on e-bay for the
$150 they charged me to repair it .

That camera was my LAST Canon purchase.


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