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Not knocking FUJI or anything - but I would not concern myself with
what batteries it takes. Your best bet is to get a set of
rechargeable batteries and a $14 charger. You'll never buy batteries
for your camera. In the long run this will save you a TON, believe
me, because these cameras can eat batteries up like candy, depending
on how you use them.

And oh, forget and leave your camera hooked up to your computer -
suck, there go the batteries. I'd say I run through the batteries
2-4/month, sometimes more. You do the math, you recoup your purchase
of the rechargeables and charger pretty quick.

Meanwhile, if you have an emergency and your batteries are charging
and you need the camera, just have some extra plain ones on hand.

Even better, get 2 sets of recharges and you'll always have a set
ready to go.

My camera takes 4 batteries too, so the price can really add up.

--- Seth Bienek <seth at sethbienek.com> wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > FUJI
> >
> > runs on regular batteries. takes great photos. less filling.
> +1
> I've been immensely happy with my FinePix 2800:
> http://www.steves-digicams.com/2001_reviews/fuji2800.html
> It may be a bit out of your price range, with a street price of
> around
> $330, though.  But it does take regular AA batteries, and has the
> best
> color saturation I've seen from a digital camera bar none.
> And I've heard great things about Nikon's CoolPix 2500:
> http://www.steves-digicams.com/2002_reviews/nikon2500.html
> With a street price around $230, it may be more along the lines of
> what
> you're looking to spend, though it doesn't have the FinePix's 6x
> optical
> zoom.  Guess it depends on which features are important to you.
> Both are 2/2.1 MP cameras.
> Also, in case you haven't noticed, I recommend Steve's for
> comparing.
> Great reviews, very in-depth, image comparisons, all kindsa cool
> stuff:
> http://www.steves-digicams.com
> HTH,
> Seth
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